Critical Illness Insurance

JSC "IC "Sinoasia B&R" together with the French insurance company MGEN offers a unique international product - insurance against the occurrence of critical diseases. This insurance covers the treatment of such diseases as: oncological (cancer) diseases, a first-time heart attack, stroke, heart surgery, organ transplantation, neurosurgical operations of any kind, bypass surgery. The patient can receive treatment both in Kazakhstan and abroad: the Russian Federation, South Korea, Turkey, India, as well as all countries of the European Union (with the exception of the United Kingdom and Switzerland). In the process of receiving treatment, clients are supported by the international medical assistance company CHP Assist CA and support includes - finding and selecting clinics and medical specialists that match the disease profile, collecting and translating documents, organizational assistance and other necessary support.

There are 4 program options to choose from: covering only oncological diseases, silver, gold and platinum packages. Gold and Platinum packages also include organ transplantation.

To apply for insurance, it is enough to fill out only a form with basic health information.

Important point of the program: for each package there is a waiting period (from 3 to 6 months). For example, if you purchased a Golden package, the waiting period is valid for the first 4 months and the insurance will not be covered during this period. This condition is valid only for the first year of insurance.

Persons from 18 to 65 years old can be insured. Payment can be made as a lump sum or in any convenient way in equal shares (monthly, quarterly or 2 times a year).